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What is the Geneva Humanitarian Connector (GHC)?

The Geneva Humanitarian Connector is a networking, information-sharing, and outcome-oriented facilitation platform primarily targeted to the humanitarian community in Geneva. It also promotes the import and export of relevant ideas and perspectives to and from humanitarian Geneva. It may be pictured as the dynamic intersection of individuals, institutions, and high-priority issues in humanitarian Geneva, promoting networking and information exchange among professionals based in and interacting with humanitarian Geneva.

Why the Geneva Humanitarian Connector?

As the world’s “humanitarian capital,” Geneva is host to more than one hundred organizations and thousands of professionals active in this sector. With this unique concentration of international actors, Geneva is a dynamic meeting place for solution-oriented exchange of ideas. At this intersection of critical perspectives, innovative problem solving takes place, and sector-wide humanitarian effectiveness is improved.

Keeping track of the myriad humanitarian initiatives and activities in Geneva and maintaining efficient communication of ideas between different organizations or sectors is a challenge for many in the humanitarian sector. The Geneva Humanitarian Connector aims to enhance the effectiveness and relevance of “humanitarian Geneva” by improving the sharing of information and providing focused networking opportunities among humanitarians and with other sectors. As such this PHAP initiative is supported by the Swiss and Geneva administrations as part of their broader strategy to set up several thematic platforms in International Geneva.

The Geneva Humanitarian Connector will combine several complementary elements:

  • A web presence for the Geneva Humanitarian Connector, including an event calendar
  • A humanitarian Geneva newsletter
  • An information desk in Geneva, to share and promote information about the activities of humanitarian organizations in Geneva
  • Organizing and hosting of events in Geneva and online with Geneva-based partners
  • Offering event services to organizations, in particular for hybrid onsite-online events
  • Facilitating connections to other existing services

These services will be developed and adapted over time to best meet the needs of its users, both at the individual and organizational levels.

The various services of the Geneva Humanitarian Connector are offered to professionals in the humanitarian sector and related fields.

First steps – GHC web presence and event calendar

Among the various elements suggested by potential users in several surveys and interviews, a web presence with a comprehensive event calendar and automated email updates were seen as the most practical and useful way to kick-start the initiative. Additional activities will be added in the coming months.

The GHC event calendar lists all events organized in Geneva that could be of professional interest to humanitarians. This includes conferences and meetings, seminars and workshops, panel discussions and public lectures, networking and social events, and exhibitions and other cultural events, to name just a few.

Different categories allow the user to filter the event calendar by theme, target audience, organizer, or other criteria. The event calendar is complemented by a newsletter that is equally adaptable to the needs of the subscriber.

The calendar is a comprehensive listing, not only of public humanitarian events, but also of private meetings and events in related fields that may be of relevance. As such, the calendar is a useful tool for keeping track of initiatives and processes that are ongoing in Geneva for anyone who has a professional or personal interest in them and who may be looking to connect with other individuals and organizations working on similar issues.

Who is involved in the Geneva Humanitarian Connector?

The Geneva Humanitarian Connector is an initiative of PHAP in partnership with the Swiss administration, with the active involvement of a wide range of other institutional and individual stakeholders.

PHAP works closely with humanitarian and other organizations in Geneva to gather and select relevant events for the GHC event calendar. The team actively monitors other websites and newsletters and is in close contact with event organizers to ensure first-hand and accurate information.

About PHAP

PHAP is a global, individual-based professional association bringing together all parts of the humanitarian sector, with a mandate from its members and their employers to empower capable and informed professionals to transform humanitarian action worldwide.

The Geneva Humanitarian Connector relates directly to PHAP’s strategy to support practitioner communities, link to information resources, and provide a neutral platform for discussion of critical issues, bringing together the full range of humanitarian actors and other stakeholders in humanitarian response activities around the world.